2020.10.11 Sun

[Shred RACERS ONLINE F2] Archive distribution has been decided!

"Shred RACERS ONLINE", an omnibus distribution live show of Japanese technical guitar players, held by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting together with the monthly guitar magazine "YOUNG GUITAR". The archive distribution of the digest edition of the second "F2" of this event has been decided! This event regularly holds special live performances where you can enjoy the super play of japanese guitar players with outstanding guitar techniques. From the original songs of each artist to the covers of the masterpieces of the guitar players and the sessions by the performing artists. , We are developing a special live show with all the "guitar shred-playing ". The second "F2 (Fret Two)" was carried out on Saturday, September 26th from a live house in Tokyo in the form of live distribution with no audience, but the distribution of this archive video has been decided this time. Archive distribution will be the distribution of the "digest edition" excluding songs that cannot be distributed due to rights reasons. The ticket price is $ 20.00 in USD. In addition, customers who purchased viewing tickets at the timing of live distribution will be able to enjoy this archive distribution for free. You will receive an email from the video platform "ZAIKO". Follow the instructions to apply for a free viewing ticket and watch it. (If you do not receive the email by the archive delivery date, please contact ZAIKO Support) The details of archive distribution are as follows. ■ Details: Shred RACERS ONLINE F2 - Digest edition archive distribution - ■ Archive video distribution period: 10/16(Fri.) 0:00 ~ 10/18(Sun.) 23:59 (JST / UTC+0900) * It will be a "digest edition" excluding songs that are not distributed right. ■ Performers: SAKI (NEMOPHILA, Mary's Blood) Li-sa-X Ediee Ironbunny (IRONBUNNY) Fuki (Unlucky Morpheus) *Guest Vocalist Kotono (IRONBUNNY) *Guest Vocalist Minami (IRONBUNNY) *Guest Vocalist ■ Buy Tickets: Archive streaming ticket: $20.00 (tax incl.) * Customers who watched the "Shred RACERS ONLINE F2" live broadcast on September 26th will receive a free viewing ticket from ZAIKO, so please check your mailbox. ■ Official Website: ■ Social media: Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube

「Shred RACERS ONLINE F2」のアーカイブ配信が決定しました!

■ タイトル: YOUNG GUITAR×文化放送 presents Shred RACERS ON LINE F2 - ダイジェスト版アーカイブ配信 - ■ アーカイブチケット発売日: 2020年10月9日(金) 18:00~ ■ アーカイブ映像 配信日時: 2020年10月16日(土) 0:00~ 2020年10月18日(日) 23:59 ※JST(日本時間)/ UTC +9:00 ※権利的に配信NGな楽曲を除いた「ダイジェスト版」となります ■ 出演: SAKI (NEMOPHILA, Mary's Blood) Li-sa-X Ediee Ironbunny (IRONBUNNY) Fuki (Unlucky Morpheus) *ゲストボーカリスト Kotono (IRONBUNNY) *ゲストボーカリスト Minami (IRONBUNNY) *ゲストボーカリスト ■ 券種: アーカイブ視聴チケット : 2,000円(税込) ※USDでは$20.00で販売 ※9/26に行われた「Shred RACERS ONLINE F2」ライブ本編をご視聴されたお客様には、アーカイブ配信開始までの期間に無料視聴チケットをZAIKOから追って配布いたしますので、メールボックスをご確認ください。メールが届かない場合はZAIKOサポートへご連絡ください。 ■ 主催: シンコーミュージック・エンタテイメント 文化放送 トライヘクサレコーディングス ■ オフィシャルサイト: ■ オフィシャルSNS: Twitter : Instagram : YouTube: Facebook :
2020.09.26 Sat

"Shred RACERS ONLINE F3" will be held on December 20 (Sun)!

「Shred RACERS ONLINE F3」の開催が12月20日(日)に決定しました!

2020.09.12 Sat

The new song "richromatic" by SAKI, Li-sa-X and Ediee Ironbunny has been completed!

SAKI, a female guitarist who plays an active part in various bands such as “Mary's Blood” and “NEMOPHILA”, a super-technical guitarist Li-sa-X at the age of 15, and Ediee Ironbunny, a cyborg guitarist of “IRONBUNNY”. This is a music video of the original song "richromatic" by three guitar players. Buy a viewing ticket with a sound source download code for the shred-guitar live show "Shred RACERS ONLINE F2" and get the sound source for this song!

SAKI、Li-sa-X、Ediee Ironbunnyによる新曲「richromatic」が完成!

「Mary's Blood」「NEMOPHILA」などマルチに活躍する女性ギタリストのSAKI、若干15歳のスーパーテクニカルギタリスト・Li-sa-X、そして「IRONBUNNY」のサイボーグギタリスト・Ediee Ironbunny。この3人によるオリジナル楽曲「richromatic」のミュージックビデオ。楽曲の音源は速弾き配信ライブ「Shred RACERS ONLINE F2」の音源ダウンロードコード付き視聴チケットを購入してGETして欲しい!