About tickets with download code:
The ticket will include a download code for Original new song that played by three of the “F2” performers Li-sa-X, SAKI, and Ediee Ironbunny
*The download code for the song will be sent via a separate email when it is ready. Please note that no pin code will be given at the time of purchase.

SAKI・Li-sa-X・Ediee Ironbunnyによる書き下ろしコラボ楽曲(新曲)のダウンロード付きチケットとなります。

Terms & Conditions *Please read before purchasing
*Please note that performers may change without prior notice.
*There will be no re-airing after the live stream. It will only be airing live in the desig-nated time.
*Before purchasing a ticket, ensure to read the terms and conditions on each stream-ing media site carefully, and check that you have an internet connection and system requirements that are suitable for live streaming.
*After purchase, tickets cannot be canceled or changed for any reason other than post-ponement or suspension of the performance.
*The live stream video or audio may be disrupted or stopped midway due to internet connection or system issues. If such an issue arises, ticket holders will be contacted with further information.
*The organizer will not be responsible for any problems caused by the ticket holder’s internet connection or system.
*This is a paid live stream performance. All rights belong to the organizer. Recording the performance audio or video with a camera, smartphone or any other device is strictly prohibited. Legal action may be taken on individuals for unauthorized repro-duction or sharing on other websites.
*Commercial use of the live stream video is prohibited. This includes receiving money from customers for streaming the video at a restaurant, hall, etc.
* In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please refrain from gathering in large numbers to watch the stream.
iOS 11.0以降(Safari最新バージョン)
Android OS 5.0以降(Google Chrome最新バージョン)
Windows 10以上/ MacOS 10.9以上(最新バージョンのGoogle Chrome、Safari、MS Edge、Firefox)のいずれかを視聴の際に必ずご用意ください。